The Taco Grip is simple to use. Simply slip the grip over the end of your taco and enjoy! Here are a few tips to get you started:

How to Use the Taco Grip

Step 1

To use your Taco Grip, simply insert your taco into the Taco Grip with the back of the Grip resting in the palm of your hand. The curved top should rest over the top of your taco (or pita sandwich, gyro, watermelon slice, handheld pizza, or whatever creative concoction you can muster!).

Step 2

Now it’s time to eat! Hold your taco vertically. That’s right, go for it! The Taco Grip holds the fillings in place so you can concentrate on eating the taco. No more bending and tilting (remember Shaq’s Taco Neck Syndrome?). Plus, nothing falls out on your plate, cloths, or hands.

how to use the taco grip

Step 3

When you’re done eating, you’ll likely find a topping or two (and possibly a bit of grease) in your Taco Grip. This is the moment when you’ll be amazed by what you find inside the Taco Grip. From toppings to grease and liquid, carefully inspect what’s left inside.

Step 4

Depending on your taco recipe, you’re likely to find an obscene amount of leftover grease & liquid inside the Taco Grip. When we first created the Grip, our goal was to eliminate spilled toppings and greasy hand. But what we found amazed us! After you eat a greasy taco, you’ll quickly realize how the Taco Grip will save you from consuming extra grease.

Step 5

In cases where your taco recipe isn’t greasy, don’t dump out the remaining morsels of goodness. That’s the beauty of the Grip! We don’t know about you, but we hate loosing our toppings! When you’re ready for that last bite, simply tilt your head back and pour the leftovers in your mouth.

Now that you’ve experienced the Taco Grip, you’ll wonder how you ate tacos with your hands for so many years. And, don’t forget that the Taco Grip (despite its name) is useful for a wide variety of culinary creations: gyros, pita sandwiches, watermelon slices, handheld pizzas, and so much more. Let your imagination run wild! Ready to get started? Buy a Taco Grip today and receive free shipping to anywhere in the United States.