3 Foolproof Tips on How to Eat Messy Foods

eat a taco without spilling

It’s astonishing how many delicious foods out there are… well, messy. Yet we continue to deal with the resulting drips, stains, and crumbs. But what if we told you how to eat messy foods without a big cleanup afterward?

Impossible? Not with these clever strategies on how to eat without spilling food. Read on and we’ll show you how to eat gracefully and without embarrassment.

How to Eat Messy Foods Without the Mess

How to Eat Cupcakes

How is it that small, portable cakes make such a mess? It would seem like their design would make them easier to consume, yet every time you bite down into that frosted goodness, you end up with frosting on your nose and cheeks.

Want to know how to eat messy foods like cupcakes? Eat it sandwich style. Remove the bottom half of the cake and place it on top of the frosting. You’ll never go back to eating cupcakes the same way again, we promise.

how to eat messy foods

Image Credit: The Denver Housewife

How to Eat Chicken Wings

As a classic game-day snack, it’s a wonder why there aren’t more eating strategies for chicken wings. It seems like most people have given in and deal with the sticky mess chicken wings produce. However, we have a solution.

How to eat messy foods like chicken wings is quite simple, but this only works with flat wings, not the drums. Find each bone end and slowly twist out each bone. Wala! You now have an easily consumable chicken wing.

how to eat gracefully

Image Credit: Food Wishes

How to Eat Tacos

We couldn’t create this list and not mention one of the messiest foods of all: tacos. No matter how you go about it, toppings and fillings fall out. If your taco is overstuffed, the shell will rip or break. It seems impossible to eat a taco without spilling.

The Taco Grip was designed to catch any of the mess that falls out as you eat. You’ll never have to miss out on delicious toppings when you use this handy tool!

how to eat without spilling food

Now that you know how to eat cupcakes, chicken wings, and tacos without making a mess, you can learn how to eat watermelon too!

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